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Meal Plan

Nutrition Diet Meal Plans


Easy and convenient nutrition diet meal plans that keep you feeling full!

Recommended if you want to lose weight but may not have the time nor interest in cooking or preparing healthy meals with proper portion sizes.

Medical Weight Loss

Safe Medical Weight Loss


Safe and effective medical weight loss with fast results!

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, hCG, and hGH peptides are recommended if you want to increase your energy levels, build lean muscle mass, and “turn back the clock.”

Smoothie and Oatmeal

Holistic Nutrition Programs


Holistic nutrition programs help you keep the weight off for good!

Genetic and detoxification programs are recommended if you are at a weight loss plateau or have a chronic condition or autoimmune disease (gluten-free and dairy-free options).

Are you tired of never seeing sufficient results despite multiple attempts and methods used to lose weight?

Our science-based weight loss and nutrition programs are tailored to your genetics, lifestyle, and personal goals to help you lose weight and maintain!

Find out how you can lose weight fast and maintain a healthy weight now!

Our 12 Step Approach to Weight Loss

Our functional medicine approach to weight loss is a personalized model that empowers you to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration with our medical staff to address the underlying causes of your weight gain. The primary drivers of weight gain are the daily interactions among your genetics, environment, and lifestyle choices. 

Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of your weight issues and equips our staff to help you manage this complex, interconnected web step by step.

Remember, it’s never too late to make changes for the better when it comes to your health!




Thyroid & Adrenal







Portion Control

Stress Management

Increase your energy levels, build lean muscle mass, and “turn back the clock” today!

Dr. Jordan Pastorek, MD
Dr. Jordan Pastorek, M.D.

Dr. Pastorek delivers the most effective and advanced medicine using cutting-edge therapies for weight loss, longevity, and chronic disease management.

Claudia Pillow, Ph.D.
Claudia Pillow, Ph.D.

Dr. Pillow focuses on helping each individual find the best way to eat using food to maximize the potential for good health and reverse dysfunction, disease, and weight gain.

Sema Young
Sema Young, Houston Clinic Director

Ms. Young is a health coach specializing in weight loss and is dedicated to helping patients reach their personal goals.

Donna Pepe
Donna Pepe, Southlake Clinic Director

Ms. Pepe is passionate about helping patients achieve weight loss and optimal health through a personal nutrition plan based on their personal goals, lifestyle and genetics.